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George Takei writes powerful Open Letter to America’s Youth post Trump

George Takei | An Open Letter
After the dust settles from this mindless political firefight, after Trump (God, Vishnu, Joe Strummer or whoever willing) loses and we all lay down our arms and awkwardly stare blankly at each other we will all have the same question?…

What the hell do we do now?

Acclaimed actor, humorist and activist George Takei ever the optimist has a few words to assure us…

It will be ok!

By way of a very powerful post for the Daily Beast Takie goes on to paint shell-shocked voters (Some, hopefully very butt hurt they just lost their card to be openly racist) a picture of a post Trump political landscape.

“You see, I am ever an optimist. A poll taken in August of voters aged 18-34 showed that the vast majority favored Clinton over Trump—64 percent to 29 percent. That split tells me the same thing that the polls for same-sex marriage told us years ago: Over time, reason and fairness will win out, while bigotry and hatred literally would die off”

Head on over to the Daily Beast for the rest of this insightful piece, Oh My!

Second City in Chicago is hemorrhaging performers due to racism and “Trump-isms”?

Second City | Chicago, IL

At Chicago’s legendary improve way station Second City there seems to be a bit of unrest…

Three members of management and at least four performers have recently bailed on the shy town comedy institution including Former ETC player Peter Kim due to racist and Trump fueled comments made by audiences members who feel empowered by Donald Trump’s special brand of hate speech.

Trump’s “Tell it like it is” style of bigotry and racism have given closeted hate mongers everywhere the “courage” to follow suit and speak their minds

Recently Peter Kim sat down with CBS to share just a few experiences he witness that ultimately lead to his decision to leave Second City
“The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was a man was sitting next to a Hispanic couple,”

Kim said.
“We asked a question to another lady, completely different lady, we said, ‘Hey, ma’am, what is something small that pisses you off, like getting stuck in traffic.’”

The man, unsolicited, screamed out,
‘Sitting too close to a Mexican,’ while sitting next to a Hispanic couple.”
Kim said there was another time he felt physically threatened by a man who got too close to the stage.”

Second City CEO Andrew Alexander has recently gone on record citing “financial downsizing” as being responsible for the recent mass exodus as well as “racist audience taunts.”

also adding…
“In 44 years of this work, I’ve never seen anything like it. The audience seems to feel like they have license in very unpleasant ways,”
going on to say
“Ninety-nine percent of people are cool. But the jerk who used to keep his mouth shut now feels like he has the right to say something.”

We are left to only wonder if Trump were to win the presidency how would that further effect the overall comedic landscape in the future?
Only time will tell…