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The Great White Buffalo Episode 10 – Ryan Fay

We’ve been on a break because I had school last month and I am a failure at managing conflicting priorities. But we are back and rustier than ever.
This episode we bring you Mr. Did You Understand He Said, himself, Ryan Fay. Ryan’s a local comic, and co-producing on the Tralf Summer Comedy Series. We sat down and talked about the roast battle, his love of choking, and why RJ is going to get flayed alive like a 2 century Christian.
As usual we had on the reason that Beatles broke up, Jesse Winterhalter. Who, because we feel bad for him, was made a co-producing of the Tralf series too. It’s a quickie so tune in!

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The Great White Buffalo Episode 9 – Senneca Stone

This episode we bring you the Mr. Free Lunch Mafia himself, Seneca Stone. Seneca is a comedian based in Pittsburgh, but frequents Buffalo. We had some good discussion regarding why we do comedy, our end game, and how being nice is still an effect method of not pissing people off. This episode also had the most name drops out of any local podcast I’ve heard yet!
As always we were held hostage by the ramblings of a doughy Rasputin aka Jesse Winterhalter, who proves that rock bottom may just be a metaphorical concept.

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The Great White Buffalo Episode 8 – Ryan Henry

The Great White Buffalo present Ryan Henry. Ryan’s been doing stand-up for around 2 years now. He is Buffalo’s most supple comic. He also does improv and sketch. We had Ryan over after a very drunken Friday night to discuss everything from my shitty hosting abilities to what kind of comedy his parents like.
We also had on conspiracy theorist Jesse Winterhalter, who wouldn’t shut up about 9/11 being an inside job, or how Lee Harvery Oswald and Elvis are Eiffel Towering Patsy Cline in the lost city of Atlantis. (He didn’t say any of that, but only one way to find out!)

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