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The American Dream

The American Dream | Project Funny Face

Ah, the “American Dream”

it means something different to everyone, yet nobody seems to have it. Don Johnson sets out to find the American Dream in the least likely of places…right in his own backyard.

written & directed by Don Johnson
produced by Project Funny Face

starring Don Johnson as himself
Jesse Winterhalter as “ISIS”
Bob Reinard as “ISIS Bob”
Dan McCardle as “A gang member”
Brian Netzel as “Jack Fruhoff”
John Lockwood & Afura Fareed as “An American family”

The Richard Simmons Replacement Audition Tapes

In May of 2016, Richard Simmons went missing. In an effort to not lose any revenue from his particular form of entertainment, media outlets rushed to find a replacement by holding open video submissions. These are those tapes.

Written by Jesse Winterhalter
Filmed and edited by Brian Netzel
Starring Jesse Winterhalter, Brian Netzel, Don Johnson, and Angelo Corcimiglia