Rust Belt Comedy Showcase Sign Up

Every Tuesday at 8p.m., Nietzsche’s in Buffalo, NY hosts a comedy showcase. Each comic gets 8 minutes and one comic does a 20 minute set at the end. That’s 10 comics and 2 hours of comedy for just a meager $5 door charge! Cheap!
The lineup for each week will be posted as soon as the list is full.

To sign up to perform on the Rust Belt Comedy Showcase for 8/29/17, enter your name and email, and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button below:

Here is the lineup for 8/15/17:
Host – Dan McArdle
1. Clayton Williams
2. Jameel Key
3. Jesse W.
4. Liam Patrick
5. Ryan Fay
5. Brian Netzel
6. Chuck Garlock
7. Jason Pomietlasz
8. Emily Hagen
9. Alex Brady
10. Eddo
Headliner – Josh Potter
Here is the lineup for 8/22/17:
Host – Dan McArdle
1. Senneca Stone
2. Alex Brady
3. Liz Reaves
4. Ryan Fay
5. Liam Patrick
6. Jesse W.
7. Jason P.
8. Donald Johnson
9. Bennet Solowski
10. Antonlon Jackson
20 min- Norlex Belma